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iCADMac is user friendly 2D/3D CAD software for MAC OS X, which reads and writes DWG format drawing files up to AutoCAD v. 2018. It is easy to use thanks to the high level of compatibility with AutoCAD, and it is easy to get as you pay far less money to obtain economic licensing solutions. These characteristics make the software the ideal choice for those who search for the lowest cost for designing, revision and creating technical documentation, without giving up the quality and compatibility included in the market standard.

iCADMac is a complete DWG CAD package with Perpetual License (NO ANNUAL FEES) offering a wide array of features and tools for 2D design and 3D modelling, a familiar interface, and compatibility with the design format most widely used throughout  the world.

You will have no problems managing your projects, collaborating with other designers, and exchanging data with all the member's of your team.

Design Center
Increase your productivity by very easily sharing content between files.
You may browse your computer or network to find useful contents to use in your drawing like blocks, reference drawings or images, layers, sheets, styles…

New: Express Tools
Dozens of new Express commands Click for more details


Why choose iCADMac?

  • User friendly: Customizable interface that is familiar to CAD users.
  • Economic and complete: Perpetual License! No annual fees
  • Native DWG format: Fully compatible with AutoCAD® files, no conversion required.
  • 30-day FREE complete trial: Test iCADMac and see how it compares before purchase.
  • FREE updates: All updates are free for one year using the purchased version.
  • SaveAnnual iCare services are optionally available for iCADMac. Direct technical assistance and access to all the updates and new versions. Unlimited access to the clients area. Online Helpdesk.
  • Years of prior experience delivering the progeCAD software brand to it's more than 250.000 customers worldwide.
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 iCADMac YouTube Channel

Your projects follow you everywhere!


    Send your DWG files from your Mac to visualize on the iPad™ in the optimized and protected PDF format.
Import and convert your PDF with annotations included into a DWG with iCADMac using the PDF2DWG converter.

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   Data Sheet

    Download the Brochure

    Download Tutorial

    Inside iCADMac by Ralph Grabowski

The main improvements on iCADMac 2018

  • 2018 DWG support
  • Support of MAC OS X from El Capitan to the latest High Sierra
  • The user interface design has been optimized to make the software easier to use
  • Enhanced Menus to offer more efficient work, saving many mouse clicks through more complete and functional contextual menus
  • Two user interface themes. The classic light grey theme and the new "Dark 2018" theme ideal for high resolution (4k) graphics devices thanks to the vector icons of the menus
  • Perpetual License (No mandatory Annual fee)

Watch the What's New Video 
  • Array along a path copy an object or a block in series along a defined path
  • AutoComplete feature to speed up work when typing commands and system variables
  • Trim hatches and gradients with the Trim and PowerTrim commands (trimmed hatches remain associative and behave as a single entity)
  • SuperHatch creates an area hatch using an image, a block, an external reference or a wipeout
  • Quick and easy in-place modification of polyline geometry through Multifunction Grips and Contextual Shortcut Menus
  • Default layers for hatches and dimensions through the HPLAYER and DIMLAYER system variables
  • Dozens of new commands in the Express Tools menu (Click for more details)
  • EditXBlockAttribute allows to change attribute properties in blocks, including layer, color, text style, and other text settings
  • SplitDimension interrupts or rebuilds dimension and extension lines at the intersection of other objects
  • ChangeSpace transfers entities from Model workspace to Sheet workspace and vice versa.
  • Print dialog box improvements. Redesigned the Print dialog box to improve usability. The print preview is dynamically updated when you change the print settings
  • Centerline automatically creates an axis or a bisector by selecting pairs of lines, arcs or polylines
  • Dozens of new variables to improve work and compatibility
  • SetByLayer modifies properties (color, linetype, line width, transparency) of specified entities setting them to ByLayer
  • Auto-Hide palettes (eg. Properties Panel) collapses palettes automatically whenever you move the pointer away from the palette. Palettes expand when you move the pointer to the title bar of a collapsed palette
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