Purchase Annual iCARE Subscription
bundled with iCADMac and save 10%

Becoming an iCare subscription member, the Customer will receive an upgrade, updates and technical support along with access to a wide range of resources and documents during the validity period of iCARE.
Software updates and enhancements. A subscription member obtains updates to the latest iCADMac software versions, among which new releases and new service packs.
progeSOFT continues to constantly improve its software and always gives a prompt response to all problems submitted by its Customers. The automatic e-mail notification enables to receive important announcements, service requests and recent software updates.
Technical Support Services. Technical support services comprise telephone and online assistance regarding software functionality, menu commands, installation problems and guidance to solve problems.
Privileged improvements requests. iCare subscription members have an opportunity to submit improvements requests that may influence directly the future software development by the progeSOFT company.
The iCADMac customer portal guarantees online access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to a full range of information and resources.

  • Research of software updated versions offered by progeSOFT and service packs updates.
  • Access to the Knowledge Base, containing a wide range of technical resources and documents.
  • Online display of your support requests.
  • Improvements request submission. 

Purchase Annual iCARE Subscription bundled with iCADMac and save 10%