Licenses & iCare

iCADMac Perpetual license and Annual Maintenance


iCADMac Perpetual licenses

iCADMac sells with perpetual licenses which do not expire. No annual renewal fee required.
The licensed software version will run for as long as your hardware and operating system support it.
You are not obliged to purchase upgrades to newer iCADMac versions.

It is up to you to decide when to upgrade!

Purchasing this solution,
you'll receive a link to download the software
directly on your MAC.

iCare for iCADMac

To enjoy the privilege of free upgrades to new iCADMac versions,
you may purchase the iCare annual Maintenance bundled with your software license.
iCare annual maintenance services offer premium technical support and free updates and upgrades of the software.
Renewing iCare on annual basis, you won't need to purchase upgrades and will always use the latest iCADMac version available.


Free Upgrade to new iCADMac versions released during the iCARE validity period.


Premium technical support with priority response to Users with iCare.

Continuous Access

Access 24/7 to the iCADMac support portal to submit your questions and technical issues.