What's New 2022


What's New - iCADMac 2022

News and Improvement 

- New powerful engine
- Improved compatibility with M processor and Ventura OS
- Full support for icons and text on high resolution monitors (4k and 5k)
- New advanced PDF printer
- New Drawings comparison (the command DRAWINGCOMPARE) to highlight differences.

SheetSet New Functions

The Sheet Set Manager palette creates, organizes and manages drawing sheets within a drawing sheet set.

New Commands

- New command SHEETSET displays the Sheet Set Manager palette. HIDESHEETSET hides the palette.
- New command NEWSHEETSET opens the Create Drawing Sheet Set wizard which lets you create drawing sheet sets based on existing drawings that contain sheets.
- New command OPENSHEETSET loads drawing sheet sets (.dst file) into the Sheet Set Manager palette.
- New command EDITSPLINE changes parameters of a specified spline or converts a spline-fit Polyline into a Spline
- New Express command IMPOINTS imports points data from an ASCII (text) file
- New command COPYNESTED duplicates drawing entities that are contained in a Block or a Reference and places copies at a specified location
- New command MODELBACKGROUNDCOLOR lets you specify the background color for the graphics area
- SPLINE command enhancements. Splines can be defined either with fit points or with control vertices. Accordingly, you can apply two corresponding methods. The implementation of the Control Vertices method lets specify control points, not fit points through which the Spline passes;
- New command PAGELAYOUTIN imports user-defined page layouts contained in other drawing files (.dwg), drawing exchange files (.dxf), or drawing template files (.dwt) into the current drawing.

Constraints New Functions

Parametric drawing is a technology for designing with constraints, which are restrictions and associations bind to 2D entities.
iCADMac offers two types of constraints:
- Geometric: for the control of relationships of objects with respect to each other;
- Dimensional: for the control of distance, length, angle, and radius values of objects.